Better Birthday Party Goodie Bag Ideas

You probably have a few memories of coming home from birthday parties with a tiny bag filled with sugary treats. But now that you have kids, you are more particular about what goes into those goodie bags for kids and you want an alternative to junk food. Thankfully, there are many birthday party goodie bag ideas that make these give-aways educational, productive, and fun. Read the ideas below and combine them with our educational birthday party ideas for your child’s next party!

Party Themes

Museum trips, volunteering, parks, and music parties give children a new perspective on their engagement with the world. Make it memorable with a goodie bag that solidifies this connection.

  • Donation receipt or note that ties into charitable work
  • Magazine subscription from a nonprofit visit
  • Toys tied into museum trips, such as dinosaurs or science games
  • Music mixes on CDs or as digital downloads to remember a music party

Kids love something tangible, so give them something to take home even if they are giving something away. For example, putting a donation receipt in a nice card or an activity kit they can use will make them feel a part of the contribution.

Crafts and Activities

You know hands-on activity enhances your child’s learning. So, increase the opportunity for your party guests to keep exploring after they have gone home by including a craft kit for building a small piece of art or functional toy. Often, these are available for a reasonable cost at a dollar or party supply store.

Give kids the ability to explore the earth with a plant-at-home kit. With a small seedling, a sealed packet of dirt, and a small container, they can plant a tree, flower, or other plant and watch it grow. You can buy a ready-made kit or put together one of your own.

Puzzles and Games

Games and small puzzles are great for children who like to interact with their peers or even work on a project by themselves. Small decks of cards are readily available, as are traditional games like number squares or word searches. If you’re hosting a summer party, bubbles are sure to be a big hit. Kids can make them while they are running around in the backyard or later at home.

Budding performers like magic items such as mini wands or “fortune teller fish” games. If you have a magic-themed party, this is a great way to help your guests remember what they have learned.

Educational Items

A compass is a fascinating device to a child. No matter how you hold it, it will always point north. You can find compass clips that attach to a child’s backpack so they’ll know what direction they are headed. If an adventure walk or nature trip is part of your birthday party activity, consider distributing the compasses ahead of time so they can see how they work.

Baking is a wonderful party activity if you have a conscientious group of kids and a patient team of adults. Send them off with a cookie mix in a jar so they can also bake at home. Include all the dry ingredients and flavorings they need for a fresh batch. All they have to add is butter and eggs.

Kids still love books, even in the age of ubiquitous screens. There are activity books with puzzles, trivia, and mazes on sale just about everywhere, and you can find age-appropriate story books for your group. Consider giving each kid a unique book. You can even let them choose at the end of the party.

If want something more customized to your event, think about the kids who are coming and try to give them something they will enjoy and that will spark their creativity. Sweets taste good in the moment, but memories last for much longer.

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