7 Tips to Help Your Kids’ Beat the Afternoon Slump

Beating the afternoon slump can be tricky for people of all ages—I’m writing this as I down my third cup of caffeine, hoping that it gets me through the last few hours of my day! But kids will need to find alternate methods of staying alert in the afternoon. Whether your kids are getting sluggish at homework time or are homeschooled and can’t focus on their afternoon lessons, these seven tips will help them beat the afternoon slump and focus on the rest of their day.

Dance Party

afternoon slump dance songs

(via picklebums)

Sometimes, waking up the brain can be as simple as getting the blood pumping and the body moving. This mom’s blog offers a video playlist of ten kid-friendly songs for you and your little learners to jam to during an impromptu afternoon dance party!

Brain Gym Exercises

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(via Zonya Foco, RD, CSP, CHFI)

If you prefer focused exercises to a dance party, you’re in luck—YouTube is chock full of “brain gym exercises,” which were created to activate students’ brains and help them to relieve stress, regain focus, and get energized for more learning. This video from Zonya Foco is a three-minute sample of these exercises that will also help prepare kids for tests.


aromatherapy for afternoon slump

(via Easy Green Mom)

We recently asked K12 parents on Facebook for their tips on how to avoid the afternoon slump, and I was surprised by how many parents recommended aromatherapy. It may seem like an adult technique, but it can actually be a great strategy for kids, too.

EasyGreenMom.com suggests peppermint and wild orange for energy. For more aromatherapy ideas, try these 50 great aromatherapy blends for health, sleep, relaxation, and more!

Energy Bites

energy bites for afternoon slump(via Redefined Mom)

We often share recipe ideas for healthy kids, but what about snacks specifically geared toward energy? Pack these no-bake snacks for your kids to take to school for a burst of energy in the mid-afternoon.

Educational Activity

indoor activity for afternoon slump(via No Time for Flash Cards)

Younger learners might have trouble refocusing after a high-energy activity like a dance party. If so, try a new learning activity like this bug hunt. It’s a fun idea that gets your children up and moving, but still focuses on education. While they’re completing an assignment in the morning, you can sneak away and hide the items—then, around lunch time, the search is on!

Outdoor Activities

outdoor activities for afternoon slump

(via Fantastic Fun and Learning)

When the weather is nicer and the kids are restless to get outside, set them free for a small break and try some of these outdoor activities. There is nothing like some fresh air to help get your brain back on track!

Go Noodle

GoNoodle activities for afternoon slump

(via GoNoodle.com)

Several parents responded to our Facebook request by raving about GoNoodle.com. GoNoodle is a website that helps children channel their energies, both physical and emotional, with fun videos, activities, guided meditations, and more! They have options for both teachers and parents, and accounts are free.

How do you and your kids stay active and alert through the afternoon?  Share your tips in the comments below!

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