15 Best Education Pinterest Accounts

Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for all kinds of things, including education resources and learning activities. But just like any social network, including Twitter and Facebook, what you see on your Pinterest feed largely depends on who you follow.

Sure, browsing the Popular feed, or a category like Education or Kids can help you discover some great pins, but it can also yield a lot of spam, dead links, and plenty of pins that just aren’t relevant to you.

But following people who consistently share content that appeals to you ensures that a scroll through your Home Feed will always bring you great ideas and inspiration.

Of course, we encourage you to follow our K12/Learning Liftoff Pinterest page, where every day, we thoughtfully curate only the best activities and educational resources from Learning Liftoff and all around the web. Below, you’ll find some of our other favorite education Pinterest users, including parents, homeschoolers, and teachers. Happy pinning!

Best education Pinterest accounts for parents:

Kid Blogger Network Activities & Crafts: This is actually a collaborative board, not an individual user, but it’s well-worth mentioning here. This board curates activities and crafts for kids, based on “the foundational belief that playing and crafting with children improves well-being, creative thinking, and strengthens relationships.”

Allison (No Time for Flashcards): Allison’s boards feature creative learning activities, book suggestions, crafts, and fun ideas for kids and families.

Melissa Taylor (Imagination Soup): This teacher and blogger pins lots of kid activities, with an emphasis on books and literacy and “motivating reluctant readers.”

The Educator’s Spin on It: These educators, writers, and moms share “top kid activities, educational activities, kids’ crafts, and parenting resources.” With 1.5 million followers, you know they’re doing something right!

Hands on as We Grow: Jamie of Hands on as We Grow shares activities that emphasize learning through play, especially ideas for toddlers and preschoolers.

Zina Harrington: In particular, Zina’s collaborative group boards provide a ton of great pins for parents. Lifetime Love of Learning and Parent Watercooler feature great learning activities and thought-provoking discussion and community.

Best Pinterest accounts for homeschoolers:

Amy Mascott (Teach Mama): A teacher, blogger, and mom, Teach Mama shares fun learning activities, especially book and reading ideas, all aimed at “providing parents with the tools and resources they need to to be the best teachers they can be for their children.”

Creekside Learning: This homeschooling mom pins tons of “hands-on learning activities that kids and grownups can do together.”

Steve Spangler Science: This account shares cool hands-on science experiments for kids, both from his popular website of the same name, and from around the web.

Malia (Playdough to Plato): This certified teacher and “hands-on mom” fills her boards with “fun learning activities, kids’ crafts, and clever teacher and parenting tips.”

Best Pinterest accounts for teachers:

Edutopia: With boards for every grade level and subject, as well as the latest news and resources around education technology and digital learning, Edutopia’s 70+ boards offer plenty of inspiration and information for educators.

Education World: This account curates “favorite projects, lessons, and professional development resources” for teachers. Education World pins regularly, and has boards for pre-k, elementary, middle, and high school grade levels, as well as boards for every subject.

WeAreTeachers: An online community of teachers, WeAreTeachers consistently pins great lessons, crafts, classroom ideas, education technology news, and more, all with the goal of making teachers’ jobs easier.

Erin Klein: A second grade teacher, Erin shares lots of great educational activities and lessons, resources for incorporating technology in the classroom, classroom management tips, and more.

Charity Preston: Blogger at The Organized Classroom, Charity pins educational resources to help teachers, including classroom ideas, subject-specific lessons, and professional development resources.

Who are your favorite pinners to follow? Share your pick in the comments.

Image credit: Bunches and Bits /CC BY-NC 2.0

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