Why Online Learning Works Well for College-Bound Students

7Students_CollegeBoundIs online schooling for kindergarten through high school a relatively new concept to you? If so, you may be wondering if students who graduate from online school can attend a top college or university. The answer is yes; absolutely. In fact, you may be surprised to learn how online schooling offers the challenging curriculum, academic support, and thriving virtual community students need to excel and make the most of their potential. Read on to discover how online schooling helps prepare students for a bright future.


Rather than being at a disadvantage when it comes to applying for college, online students frequently have strengths that make them very appealing to college admissions officers.Why Colleges Like Online Students

Rather than being at a disadvantage when it comes to applying for college, online students frequently have strengths that make them very appealing to college admissions officers. Studies have shown that home-educated students tend to outperform their traditionally educated peers academically, and that they are more independent, making the transition to college easier. Read More


There are many reasons for college-bound students to consider online courses, here are just a few.5 Reasons Online Courses Are a Good Option for College-Bound Students

Online courses may be a relatively unknown concept for some people, but for those of us who have seen many school years come and go, it’s easy to understand why online schools see increased enrollment year after year. Read on for a short list of some reasons we hear about why students choose online programs over other options. Read More


We wanted to shed some light on the college admissions process, so we decided to ask an expert.Planning for College: Advice from a College Admissions Expert

Read about the college admissions process, with this interview with Matthew Hebert, director of prospective student services at San Diego State University. Of course, every school is different, but as the largest four-year public university system in the U.S., a look at the California State University system provides good insight into what many colleges are looking for. Read More


CollegeDebt_LLHow to Avoid the Growing Problem of College Debt

Patrick Keeney, K12’s director of college and career planning for HS Product Management, explores the challenges of college debt and some ways online students can save by taking college credit courses in high school.  Read More


8TipsCollegeApplicationStress_LL8 Tips to Combat the Stress of Applying to College

Each year, more and more qualified students are applying to college, and that number is growing. And if applying for college weren’t stressful enough, the increased competitiveness is really having an impact on students. According to The New York Times, students experience stomach pain, headaches, and lack of sleep. So how can students combat the stress of applying to college? Read More


Online education allowed Hannah to work with her impairments, and was able to graduate early thanks to the individualized learning provided.Class Acts: Graduate Early with Online Education

In first grade, Hannah’s parents found out that she was legally blind and dyslexic. She struggled through the following years, and continuously felt as though her teachers were unable to give her the help she needed. It was time for a change. Once Hannah switched to online learning, she was able to graduate early and began attending Seattle Pacific University to study secondary special education. Read More


Visit K12—the leading provider of online education for grades K through 12—for more information about online learning options. K12 offers programs, courses, and targeted support to help students who are interested in preparing for college or a career.

Read more about students who excel with online learningRead about other students in this series who do particularly well learning in an individualized, flexible, online learning environment. This seven-part series includes Advanced Learners, Elite Athletes and Performers, Bullied Students, College-Bound Students, Homeschoolers, Military Children, and Students who are not Challenged in Traditional Schools.

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