Talented Students Win 10th Annual Art Contest

This year’s 10th annual Art Contest was quite a success! We received many wonderful pieces of artwork from students in grades K–12 showing off their artistic abilities.

We invite you to view our online collection of participants and see the fantastic submissions we received this year.

If you submitted a story for your student, you should have received a participant certificate. If you missed it, you can download your certificate of participation, print it, personalize it by filling in your artist’s name, and pin it somewhere in your home to encourage their artistic talent.

The winners have also been chosen, and we would like to congratulate the following students:

Best in Show Justace D., AZVA, Decades justice
Kindergarten – First Place Oshn F., CAVA, The Funky ’70s Oshn
Kindergarten – Second Place Evan R., VAVA, New York Explosions evan
Kindergarten – Third Place Aaron F., CVCS, Future Time aaron
First Grade – First Place Sydney P., TNVA, Flower Power
First Grade – Second Place James S., OHVA, 1910s
First Grade – Third Place Jayden P., Mosaic Digital Academy, Journey to the Moon jayden
Second Grade – First Place Makenzie C., Utah Online School, Jewel Vase of the 1920s makenzie
Second Grade – Second Place Elle W., iCademy, We Are the Earth elle
Second Grade – Third Place Mason W., UTVA, Titanic mason
Third Grade – First Place Iris J., OHVAPsychedelic ’60s
Third Grade – Second Place Serenity P., CAVA, Meet at the Disco serenity
Third Grade – Third Place Madison P., OHVA, Flower Power maddy
Fourth Grade – First Place Layla S., MVCA, The ’60s – Pop Art Pup layla
Fourth Grade – Second Place Cadyn G., TXVA, The First Steps on the Moon cadyn
Fourth Grade – Third Place Lucia J., WIVA, Yesterday’s Phone lucia
Fifth Grade – First Place Rose K., GCA, Smoky Day rose
Fifth Grade – Second Place Kaydence W., Hoosier, Peace kaydence
Fifth Grade – Third Place Madelyn S., K12 Independent Course Studies, The Birth of an Art madelyn
Sixth Grade – First Place Alina F., Cambridge Academy, Space Shuttle alina
Sixth Grade – Second Place Liam K., Polk County Virtual School, Peace liam
Sixth Grade – Third Place Aubree B., GCA, Smooth Colors of the 1920s’ Music Scene aubree
Seventh Grade – First Place Brooke T., NVVA, New Woman brooke
Seventh Grade – Second Place Maquela G., WAVA, Sugar Lily maquela
Seventh Grade – Third Place Ella K., GCA, Jacques Lefebvre ella
Eighth Grade – First Place Joanne F., iCademy, Animators’ Uprising joanne
Eighth Grade – Second Place Briley R., PAVCS, Decisions briley
Eighth Grade – Third Place Aliya R., OHVA, 1950s Cluster aliya
Ninth Grade – First Place Katherine C., CAVA, Roaring ’20s’ Music katherine
Ninth Grade – Second Place Kylee H., GCA, Time Marches On kylee
Ninth Grade – Third Place Jacquelyn V., CPA, Chillin’ at the Malt Shop jacquelyn
Tenth Grade – First Place D’Quri M., GCA, The ’80s in 3D dquri
Tenth Grade – Second Place Olivia E., LVS, Oliver No. 3 olivia
Tenth Grade – Third Place Sky L., CAVA, The Orient Express sky
Eleventh Grade – First Place Skylee H., UTVA, The Red Baron skylee
Eleventh Grade – Second Place Addison S., WYVA, Comic Book Damsel addison
Eleventh Grade – Third Place Mava C., iQ Academy CA – LA, Decades from a Wish mava
Twelfth Grade – First Place Hareem S., CAVA, The Golden Gate Bridge siddiqi_cava_12
Twelfth Grade – Second Place Mariah K., WYVA, 1930s mariah
Twelfth Grade – Third Place Tiffany C., TXVA, Game Over tiffany
1900s’ Decade Finalist Kelsie B., OVCA, Native Woman kelsie
1910s’ Decade Finalist Julia J., WIVA, A Trip to the City julia
1920s’ Decade Finalist Warren V., Fleetwood Area School District, JAZZ warren
1930s’ Decade Finalist Lindsay M., TXVA, Family Tradition lindsay
1940s’ Decade Finalist Brook V., TOPS, Swinging ’40s brook
1950s’ Decade Finalist Gwendolyn B., TXVA, The ’50s’ Family gwendolyn
1960s’ Decade Finalist Katia O., TXVA, That ’60s’ News katia
1970s’ Decade Finalist Erin S., TNVA, Groovy Baby erin
1980s’ Decade Finalist Sonya D., ARVA, 1980s’ Culture sonya
1990s’ Decade Finalist Faith C., OHVA, 1990 Boombox Girl faith
2000s’ Decade Finalist Lexie P., MNVA, Phone Fallout lexie
2010s’ Decade Finalist Samuel X., AZVA, Vision samuel
Future Finalist Syeda S., CVCSTorschlusspanik (The fear that time is running out.) syeda

We thank all our winners and participants for celebrating the decades with us this year. We look forward to what 2016’s contest will bring.

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