Meet Two Online Students Who Excel at Figure Skating

Practicing three hours a day. Traveling for competitions. Staying on top of school work. This is exactly what Lacey Postlethwait’s three daughters do. They are heavily involved in roller figure skating.

How do they find time to do all this? They attend Ohio Virtual Academy. Having a flexible schedule allows them to both dedicate themselves to their skating as well as thrive in school.

But flexible doesn’t mean that their days aren’t heavily scheduled. In order to keep everything on track, they have a regimented daily routine. Lacey says that this has helped her daughters develop a sense of responsibility. And thanks to their online schooling, they have also learned to be independent learners, which really comes in handy.

Her older daughters, Eliza and Lilly, are both nationally ranked skaters—attending competitions just about every month. In fact, Eliza may have the opportunity to travel to Spain this year. Lacey says that homeschooling works very well for their family and would recommend it to other families who have kids heavily involved with extracurricular activities.

“I love OHVA and would not consider doing anything else because I really like the curriculum, I like the structure, I like being told what we have to do when it’s necessary to be turned in. I need that because of everything else we do. For our family, it’s what works and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in homeschooling.”

We wish Eliza and Lilly the very best in their competitions and can’t wait to see them advance and excel in their skating. We have many students with great talents.

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