Online Student Eyes Professional Surfing Career

A fourth generation surfer, Laird Myers is a natural who started catching waves at age four. Now 11 and on his way to a professional surfing career, he’s joined the growing number of online students who are aspiring Olympians or professional athletes.

Laird’s mother, Kristen, enrolled him in online school with Virginia Virtual Academy to better accommodate her son’s busy practice and competition schedule in order to realize his dreams of professional surfing. He’s now able to structure online classes and school work around catching swells in North Carolina. Attending online school also makes it possible to travel for weekly competitions. Kristen says it’s the best decision she’s made for him and couldn’t be more pleased with the arrangement and Laird’s performance in school. In fact, Laird has zoomed through his classes and should finish the 5th grade this month.

Already a decorated competitor, Laird was undefeated his first year in competition at age 8. He won the East Coast Surfing Championships—the biggest surfing contest on the East Coast—two years in a row and has landed a sponsorship from Billabong as well as a spot on their national team.

Laird plans to start competing in Junior Pro events, where he will be one of the youngest competitors. He will have to wait until he is at least 16 to enter the pros. Clearly, he’s well on his way.

Image courtesy of Kristen Myers

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