iQ Academy Kansas Student a Budding Christian Musician

After being bullied in middle school, Kalona Pence decided to enroll in K12 partner school iQ Academy Kansas. In addition to escaping bullying, there was another big perk to being in an online school: the opportunity to pursue her Christian music.

Kalona is definitely an up-and-coming Christian artist. She has been singing since she was little and has now written about 160 songs. She released five on her CD last June and has just released another single, Better Days. Her most famous song, Whisper Loud, has been played on over 232 radio stations across the country.

Being in an online school has allowed Kalona to have the time to write and perform her music. She praises her teachers for being understanding and willing to work with herday or nightto help her catch up or plan for the week.

After singing in church for years, Kalona knew that her passion was Christian music. She is also inspired by other Country music artists:

Throughout the years, I’ve met many Christian artists that are some of the most well-known Christian artists out there right now, and after seeing how humble they are, and how much they care about their fans, and their willingness to work together to accomplish something bigger, I knew I wanted to be a part of what they were doing.

Kalona doesn’t aspire to have the biggest crowds or the most awards-she just wants people to be impacted by her music:

My goal with music is to reach people in a way that music hasn’t touched them before. Whether my music touches the heart of one person or thousands of people, all the hard work will be worth it.

She encourages other budding artists to figure out who they want to reachbe it teenagers or adults. She also believes that everyone should write from their heart.

We all have experienced pain and we’ve all experienced joy. And if you’re willing to put your heart of paper, there will always be someone who can relate.

You can listen to Whisper Loud below and also check it out on iTunes this month. We wish Kalona all the best!

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K12 also has another budding artist. Check out Stephanie Grace’s country music story.

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