20 Ways to Savor the Last Summer Days

We’re ringing in the last summer days, and whether it’s been action packed, full of surprises, new friends and great memories, or relaxing, and full of books and water, we have put together 20 ideas to help you and your family savor the end of summer.

  1. Freeze: Eat ice cream! You can even eat ice cream for breakfast! Even better idea? Try making some of your own ice cream or popsicles with these recipes.
  2. Jam Out: While the weather is still warm, go catch just one more music festival! Don’t forget about the K12 Music Showcase either! It’s a great opportunity to showcase your musical talent — but make sure to submit your video by August 13th.
  3. Watch: Grab a bowl of popcorn and check out a movie you haven’t seen, or re-watch an oldie, but goody!  Use LearnwithMovies.com to find a family movie chock full of lessons and information or watch something on Amazon Fire TV.
  4. Dive in: Take a dip somewhere new! Whether it’s the pool in your backyard, the local lake, or the ocean, take advantage of the last days of summer and go for a swim!  Be safe though, and know the signs of drowning before any underwater adventures.
  5. Sightsee: Tour your own city and uncover a local gem. We often forget how close we are to history.. Do some research for sites in your area or check out your local National Park.
  6. Bite: Explore one of your city’s famous eateries. You might find yourself a new favorite spot, and discover a new favorite food!
  7. Jet set: Plan a trip somewhere! Explore! You can find great end of the summer deals to unchartered territories.
  8. Road Trip: Don’t have time for a big vacation? Fill up the tank for a three-day getaway. There’s no time like family time, and now is the time to stock up on it before the back to school season is in full swing.
  9. Cook: Serve a seasonal feast! To me, summertime means backyard barbecues, outdoor picnics, and bottomless lemonade.Try these new warm-weather recipes for blueberry-lemonade, fish tacos with pineapple salsa, cucumber coolers, and more.
  10. Read: Stick your nose in a book! This is great time to squeeze in one last classic, old or new.
  11. Cheer: Go for the gold in spectating!  Learn some fun facts about the 2012 London Games, and read more with our blogs – The Olympic Games can inspire your Kids through Video Games, Following Their Dreams: Olympians and Education, and Creating Your Own Summer Olympic Games.
  12. Craft: Dust off the scissors and glue! Try a DIY project like an indoor garden to extend the summer, or check out the ‘Creative Crafting’ board on our Pinterest page and craft something for the school year!
  13. Sweat: Find a new way to work it out! Remember, healthy minds are formed early, so find a kid-friendly workout and make some time each day to do something active.
  14. Picnic: Pack your basket and ready the blanket! Get a healthy dose of Vitamin D and spend some time in your backyard or at a local park. A picnic just isn’t the same if you are wearing your winter jacket in the snow.
  15. Deejay: Get going with some pump-it-up playlists. You can have a different playlist for every event listed! And once the school year begins, make it a habit to get ready with special wake-up and study playlists.
  16. Brunch: Raise a glass to the most important meal! Make reservations at one of the best brunch spots in your city. Or, if you have the energy,  create a DIY feast at home.
  17. Be Green: Give the Earth a little hug with these 10 Ways to Go Green!
  18. Nest: Spiff up your space and restore order while you enjoy the AC. It doesn’t need to be spring to clean up your home. We have a lot of organization ideas on our Pinterest boards!
  19. Geek Out: If you can think of it, there is probably an app for it! Make space for apps worth the bytes. Particularly, these K12 apps.
  20. Party: Throw a last hurrah! Share that new recipe you tried out, a playlist you’ve put together, or suit up. No matter what the theme, there’s always reason to celebrate!

Image credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

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