Why Amazon Fire TV is the Ideal Streaming Box for Families

Amazon has joined the likes of Apple TV , Google TV (or soon to be Android TV), Roku, and more in the increasingly crowded digital media player market.

For the unfamiliar, a digital media player can be a great way to pull education and entertainment together in the living room. With these internet-connected devices, you can turn a “dumb” TV into a smart TV for very little money. These boxes are easy to connect and provide an incredible amount of functionality for the money.

While all of the devices available bring some great and in some cases unique features into your living room, Amazon Fire TV may be the best option for people with kids. Here are a few reasons why:

FreeTime for Fire TV is Kid-Friendly

Amazon will soon launch FreeTime for Fire TV, which lets parents set up profiles for up to four children, and restrict or allow access to specific TV shows, movies, games, and apps that are appropriate for the child. No similar device on the market gives parents this level of access-control. You can also limit screen time on a child-by-child basis.

Amazon is also launching FreeTime Unlimited, a subscription service that provides unlimited access to kid-friendly content including games, movies, apps, and TV shows for less than $3 a month. Amazon FreeTime Unlimited includes content from Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, PBS Kids, and more.

In addition to FreeTime Unlimited, which is designed specifically for kids age 3-8, you also get full access to content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and more (with the appropriate subscriptions, of course).

With so many content providers – and access controls – you can access a wide variety of kids shows, documentaries, and other family-friendly content from one device.

Voice Search is Easier for Everyone

I think everyone agrees that some remote controls are downright awful. I should know, my Samsung Smart TV remote is a near-nightmare. Rather than relying solely on buttons and arrows, you can search for shows, movies, and even actors using your voice, saving you quite a bit of frustration. This feature is ideal for both adults and children.

Gaming at a Fraction of the Cost

What’s better than an expensive gaming system with games that often cost $60? Getting access to over a hundred games, many of which cost only $0.99, that’s what!

Let’s be honest, the PS4 and Xbox one have their place in the gaming (and media streaming) world. But the truth is, kids get bored with things often enough that spending $60 on a game can be a waste of money.

With a variety of fun games including Minecraft Pocket Edition, Monsters University, and more, Amazon Fire TV makes a case as the best gaming system for your living room – especially considering that many of the available games cost only 99 cents, so no more worrying if your child gets a bit bored with the game after just a week.

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber like me and/or own a Kindle Fire tablet, it makes the choice even easier, as your subscription provides you with access to thousands of shows and movies through Prime Instant Video at no additional cost.

Image Copyright: Amazon.com, Inc.

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