Celebrating Wins: Staying Motivated as a K12 Learning Coach

No doubt you are nearing a time of year when you are questioning yourself about the decision to take the lead in educating your child. You may be asking yourself, “Can I really do this?” What you need to know is, “Yes you can!” And, it’s important to remember and celebrate what you have done, which includes:

  • Giving your child a learning environment with limited distractions
  • Allowing your child to learn in a bully-free zone
  • Offering your child a learning environment that can accommodate his or her health needs
  • Establishing your child in a learning environment in which they can get ahead
  • Creating a learning environment where they can make up any lost ground

Regardless of your reason or reasons, it’s important to celebrate making the choice. To quote Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” As a K12 learning coach, you are doing something different than what many people are doing, and maybe doing something different than what you did before. Don’t give up on your choice – celebrate your wins!

Fun Ways to Celebrate Success

  • Make up a family “happy dance” or “celebration dance” and every time you: finish a lesson, a project, the day – turn up the tunes and do your special dance.
  • Make a favorite family feast. What’s your student(s) favorite dinner? Make it as a way to celebrate!
  • Ask your student’s teacher to recognize your student’s achievement in a Class Connect session.
  • Send a special note in SNAIL mail to your student saying “WOW! You did it!
  • Post a picture of your student’s success to our K12 Facebook page.
  • Give your student a day off from normal chores and replace it with playing his or her favorite game.

Image Credit – MissMessie / CC by 2.0


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