The One Thing All Successful Learning Coaches Do

As a first-time Learning Coach, many of you are now facing your first day, first week, and first month of school. You’re worried that you might not be successful, and you are not alone.

The following comments from our Facebook page are just a few that offer valuable insight and inspiration from experienced Learning Coaches about getting started with K12:

“deep breath, remember you dont have to be perfect. Take each day one day at a time, and if you mess up dont worry about it we all have at one time. Just keep going, it does get easier I have done it for 8 years now and it is like the back of my hand, and my kids to they wake up on their own, and get right to work. Keep going no matter what this program works, I have a graduate who is in college at 15 on a scholarship.”

“The initial everything is quite shocking and sometimes scary for the parents as well as the students. Last year was our first year with K12… and I LOVE them!!!! It is a lot of work at first, but it is so flexible and gets way easier as the year goes by. I was ready to give up after the first month! We absolutely love this school and their teachers are so patient and helpful! Don’t give up because it will get easier!!!”

“It was very overwhelming to start but we LOVE it!! Just be patient. It does take a long time for them to get going. First days can be long. But once you get organized you can actually make your own daily plan. There are weeks we plan and work ahead so we can do a field trip or even go on a trip out of state. We love to take half days on Fridays and enjoy our time!! You will love it! Enjoy :)”

“It might seem like a lot more work for us parents than the kids at first but trust me after a month or so you will be so into the swing of things that it will only take minutes to do what it used to take you like a few hrs. to do lol. … I love [that] this program gives me the opportunity to do my business at home and school at home. This is a life saver for our family. I can help him right on the spot if needed while working from home. Love this program. It’s wonderful. Be patient newcomers. It’s really awesome …”

“The first month was overwhelming! It gets easier….trust me. Keep in mind that you have the freedom to do the work at any time during the day. We split the classes up. Makes it easier for everyone. Nobody does things the same way. Pick a routine that works best for your family. Don’t get discouraged. I have been with K12 for 5 years now and our family knows it like the back of our hand. Homeschooling is definitely worth it! Hang in there”

These are just a few of the comments from new successful learning coaches. The one thing that these and every one of the others on our Facebook page has in common is that they NEVER GIVE UP!

Please read more success stories about K12 families, the lives saved, and the amazing futures pursued. Certainly, each one of the Learning Coaches behind those stories had a day when they wanted to give up, but they didn’t.  So, when you get frustrated, take a second and breathe, use our support resources, and remember, never giving up is the first step to success.

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