Our new daily and monthly planners are here!

If you have enjoyed them in the past, you will love our new, daily and monthly redesigned planners! What better way to put the new daily and monthly planners to use than by filling them up with learning activities. We have some suggestions for to get you and your young student out for fun, and educational fall experiences.

Go on a Cemetery Tour

Visiting a local cemetery does not have to be a spooky experience. Some cemeteries offer tours on fall weekend mornings and afternoons. It is a wonderful way to get outside and exercise, and a phenomenal way to learn more about your local history. Whether you grab a pamphlet or follow a tour guide, your child will be able to bring back to the classroom a fresh look at history. Even a sense of pride in their community too.

Visit a Local Farm

Fall is when farms have harvested their crops and have them at their farmers markets. Why not visit a local farm to see how your food makes its way from the fields to your table? Many farms nowadays have many activities for kids to enjoy from hayrides to corn mazes.

Plant Garlic This Fall to Harvest in the Spring

Do you think it’s too late in the year to start growing your own produce? Think again! Garlic is super easy to grow, and it goes in the ground this time of year. Grab a garlic bulb at your local farmers market, split it up and plant it in the ground. When summer comes around, you harvest garlic without putting in a lot of time or effort.

Count Your Candy

If you plan to go trick-or-treating on Halloween, have math fun with the candy you bring home! Dump out all the candy and start counting! Once counted, sort them out anyway you would like, by type or size then have fun figuring out what percentages each make up your child’s total haul.

Or if you’re passing out Halloween candy, why not use equations to determine how much candy you might need, how many visitors came to your door or see what the most popular candy was?

Read Ghost Stories at Your Local Library

Any reason is a good reason to take your child to the local library. In the fall, libraries across the country will have seasonal events for kids. Grab a classic tale like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein’s Monster or Dracula. Looking for something not scarry? Ask your librarian for fun stories the whole family can enjoy.

Decorate Pumpkins

When we think about fall, we think about pumpkins! It has become season’s the symbol. Pumpkins also make for a great natural canvas to get artistic. Whether you are carving out a design in a pumpkin to glow in the candlelight or grabbing your paint brushes, pumpkins make for a terrific way to express your childs creativity.

Roast the seeds for a tasty and healthy snack

Do not forget to clean the inside of your pumpkin to harvest all the seeds. They make for a delicious, and extremely healthy snack. Pull out the seeds and give them a good rinse, coat them with a bit of oil and roast them in the oven. It is that easy!

Ready for your newly designed daily and monthly planners?  Download them here!



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