National School Success Month a Prompt for Setting Goals

September is National School Success Month and provides the perfect opportunity to think about goals and expectations for the commencing school year.

What does it mean to you to have a successful school year? Achieving a certain GPA? Learning a new instrument? Balancing a social calendar while grasping a new skill set?

Just as every student is different, their plans for success can differ. It’s important to consider those plans when setting goals for this school year. Take the time to compose goals and create a plan for accomplishing them.

Although September is the month to mold and initiate your plans for success, it is important to stay motivated and reflect on your student’s progress throughout the year. The U.S. Department of Education has compiled a handy road map for success that outlines a month by month itinerary that promotes a healthy and successful school year. Learning Liftoff also provides a plethora of tools for preparing for the school year, staying organized, and managing technology. In addition to our tips and tricks for back to school, Learning Liftoff enjoys showcasing those who celebrate their educational triumphs. We invite you to visit the Student Success section of Learning Liftoff to read about real families who have overcome obstacles and found success in learning and education.

If you find your goals for the school year are to find an alternative education option, we invite you to learn more about K12. As a trusted provider of online learning with award-winning curriculum, the company’s goal and purpose is to provide success options for any student, anywhere.


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