Back to School: Technology to Make Learning and Life Easier

For many, as the summer winds down, the focus turns towards heading back to school and finding success in the new school year. Between new clothes, school supplies, or even a new school, the back-to-school season can be a hectic one.

We’ve highlighted many great back-to-school resources and ideas, and below are some of the best technology resources that parents and students can use to make the new school year a success:

Back-to-School Technology and Tools for Parents and Students

Scheduling Tools to Keep
Parents Sane

Top 12 iPhone and Android
Apps for Students

Must-Have Apps for
Busy Parents

iPhone and Android Apps to
Keep Students Organized

Tech Tips
for Parents

14 Must-Have Apps for
Successful High School Students

20 Websites Every
Homeschooler Should Know

Must-Have Web
Tools for Students

While this list covers a variety of topics, there are certainly many more valuable school and life resources available today.

If you rely on tools, apps, websites or any other resources in your daily life, please share your advice in the comments!

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This article was updated August 2015

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