Online Student Develops Apple Games and Apps

Julian Wyzykowski knows what it’s like to have professional dreams come true a lot earlier than most. At 16, he’s developing Apple games and apps.

At age 12, Julian dreamed of becoming a developer. Now, just four years later, he has his own game development company, Combustible Games, which creates Apple games and apps. The self-taught developer opted to transfer to Keystone online school, which offers a flexible schedule that allows him to focus more time on app development. He chooses to create games that are clean and entertaining, rather than infused with violence like so many others.

“I realized that this passion outside of school could be my career,” he said of his choice to devote more time to game and app development while still in high school. “I would like to make games that are more meaningful than just shooting people. I look at games not as an entertainment platform, but an artistic platform.”

So far, Julian has developed eight mobile apps and games. They range from difficult games such as G.E.A.R. (pictured above), in which a player strategically places gears to allow laser beams to bounce around the space freely to fun apps such as iGot A Fever, which allows users to re-live the favorite SNL skit by ringing that infamous cowbell. His latest app, W8, has already garnered a great review. While Julian admits that it’s hard to break through the competition, he remains positive and will continue to develop great apps and games.

“It’s not out of the realm of possibility for me or anyone else,” he said. “I like to think it’s possible to be successful.”

We think developing Apple games and apps qualifies as success and envision a bright future for Julian. For more information about his school, please visit

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