Kindergarten Science Learning Game: Push or Pull

Play Tic-Tac-Go! in this fun interactive game. Play against a friend, or challenge yourself by observing which force is being acted upon an object. Click where you would like to place your tile, and then answer this question for each picture: Is the force a push or pull?

[swf: 750 475]

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This interactive activity is embedded in our Kindergarten Science K course.

In this course, kindergarten students begin to develop observation skills as they learn about the five senses, the earth’s composition, and the basic needs of plants and animals. Students will explore topics such as:

  • My Body—the five senses; major organs and systems
  • Plants and Animals—needs and habitats; conservationist Jane Goodall
  • Measurement—size, height, length, weight, capacity, and temperature
  • Matter—solid, liquid, and gas
  • The Seasonal Cycle—changing weather in the seasons
  • Our Earth—geographical features; taking care of the earth; environmentalist Rachel Carson
  • Motion—pushes and pulls; magnets
  • Astronomy—the earth, sun, moon, and stars; exploring space; astronauts Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride

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