How Nadia Goes for Her Gold with Online Education

Nadia and her mother had a hard time ‘trying to fit it all in one day.’ As an entrepreneurial mom, her schedule is dictated by clients and she knew she couldn’t plan curriculum for her daughter on top of an already busy schedule. In addition to her own career, her daughter, Nadia, is a figure skater who trains daily, intensifying schedule challenges.

K12‘s online education has provided Nadia and her mother with an exceptional curriculum and a flexible schedule so they are able to flourish in the activities they love and manage their daily schedule. The ability to compete on the ice and academically gives them the ability to ‘Go For Their Gold!’

All of us have our own special talents. In fact, each one of us has at least one quality or accomplishment worthy of a gold medal. What’s yours? Share your winning talent with us on our What’s Your Story? site for a chance to win an iPad mini!

You can also print out these medals and give your child or student an award when they excel in their school work, sport, or other day-to-day activities.

Read more about Nadia and her online education experience at What’s Your Story, our online story teller:

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