Best Apps for Developing STEM Skills

With so many games and apps out there, it’s hard to tell which ones are worth the download. Here’s a helpful list of games and apps perfect for building STEM skills.



Kids tackle a handful of environmental topics such as the four seasons, the parts of a plant, the water cycle, and more. This app features six activities related to basic science concepts (how we use our five senses, how things sink or float). Kids focus on one topic at a time and are rewarded when a new and exciting topic is unlocked.

Available on iOS for $1.99.

Kid Weather

A true weather app for kids designed by a 6-year-old boy (and his meteorologist dad). It’s power-packed with real-time weather conditions, forecasts, science, and fun facts about the weather. Plus, it’s interactive, making it lots of fun.

Available on iOS, Google Play, and Android for $1.99.

DNA Play

Introduces kids to the basic concepts of DNA in an easy, pure-play style. Kids learn how to build creatures by completing a series of simple DNA puzzles. They can get creative and experiment with quirky mutations of different body parts by altering genes.

Available on iOSGoogle Play, and Android for $2.99.

How to Make Electricity

While discovering ways to alter items, children will get an early introduction to electrical phenomena. Switching to “science view” allows them to discover electrons and observe processes at the molecular level.

Available on iOS for $2.99.

For help with preparing for AP exams, K12 has several mobile apps in a variety of subjects. Click on these icons for links to K12 exam prep apps for biology, environmental science, and psychology.



Kodable is a challenging app that teaches children various coding and programming concepts through a variety of maze activities. With fuzzy and bright characters, as well as a variety of functions to learn, this app is great for children who love a good challenge.

Available on iOS and Google Play for free.

My Robot Friend

A LeapFrog app targeted to older elementary kids, My Robot Friend teaches kids coding with the help of a robot they can customize and power up to help it reach its goal. With all the explosions and humor, kids won’t even notice they’re learning technical coding skills.

Available on iOS for $3.99.


Learning to code has never been easier or more fun. Hopscotch offers free, super simple videos that let kids make their own versions of their favorite games, create drawing apps, and build tons of cool projects. Plus, more than 40 challenges help them develop their skills in coding and technology.

Available on iOS for free.


Crazy Gears

A problem-solving game that gets kids thinking critically and exploring physics and other STEM topics. There are no instructions—kids experiment as they figure everything out on their own.

Available on iOS for $2.99.

World of Goo

Kids try and get as many goo balls to the pipe exit as they can. To do so, they must use the goo balls to construct bridges, towers, and other structures to overcome gravity and various terrain difficulties such as chasms, hills, spikes, windmills, and cliffs. There are several types of goo balls in the game, and each has its own unique properties.

Available on iOSGoogle Play, and Android for $4.99 and on BlackBerry for $2.99. It’s also available for the Nintendo Wii for $14.99.

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SMART Adventures Mission Math 1: Sabotage at the Space Station

With this story-based math game that takes place aboard a sabotaged space station, kids solve problems so they can help repair the damaged labs and discover who is responsible for the sabotage. As they try to solve the mystery, kids play mini-games and work with a variety of math content. Kids also solve problems related to scientific experiments, space travel, chemistry, and more. Mission Math 2 also available on iOS.

Available on iOSGoogle Play, and Android for $0.99.

Numbers League

Children practice basic math skills while helping superheroes fight evil villains. Set to music, like in an old-fashioned crime show, they can choose from five different game levels—ranging from the most basic arithmetic to negative numbers and multiplication.

Available on iOS for $3.99.

Super 7

This arcade-style matching game has math at the heart of its play. Kids draw lines connecting discs that add up to seven. As the screen fills with discs, they need to do some frantic, rapid adding. It’s a great way to make math fun and have kids exercise their quick-thinking skills.

Available on iOS for $0.99.

Action Graphing

Places students in an action-packed world in which they must analyze and interpret graphs in order to predict real events and model the motion of physical objects. In addition to mastering the skill of calculating slope, students will develop a deeper understanding of the connection between slope and velocity.

Available on iOS for $2.99 and soon on Google Play.

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For help with preparing for AP exams, K12 has several mobile apps in a variety of subjects. Click on these icons for links to K12 exam prep apps for calculus AB, calculus BC, and statistics.

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