Three Unique Teen Hobbies That Might Surprise You

We went on a search for unique teen hobbies and found amazing results. From robotics to disc golf, these aren’t the high school pastimes you remember. Take a look at these three unique teen hobbies that these students are excelling at. You may be surprised—and you’ll definitely be inspired—by these teens who make the most of their interesting skill sets.

Disk Golf

Lacey Brugler is a 16-year-old high school sophomore from Ohio. She spends her free time playing disc golf, a precision and accuracy sport in which individual players throw a flying disc at a target in an attempt to traverse a course in the fewest number of throws of the disc. “It’s an awesome sport, and you can get a lot of exercise,” she says. Lacey’s family supports her hobby. She learned how to play disc golf 11 years ago from her dad and her sister, and has loved it ever since. Lacey is on three disc golf teams, has won 57 tournaments, is a national champion, and a two-time world champion! Her secret? “I study the courses before I play them!”


Haley Donovan is a 14-year-old student from South Carolina. In eighth grade, she joined the First Lego League (FLL). “Robotics has given me a new experience that I have never been exposed to before,” she says. “It has taught me about programming and engineering, and it’s the first time I have been on a team working together with others to achieve a goal. We learned together, we celebrated together, and we accepted loss together.” Haley now competes in the First Robotics Competition (FRC) and is on team FIRE. She meets with her team three times a week for a six-week build, adding up to about 80 hours of build time. Because Haley spends so much time building with her team, her experience with robotics has given her strong communication skills. She believes this will help her in the future. From improving her ability to speak in front of others to speaking up about an idea she has about a design or function, her communication talents are flourishing.


Mason is a 16-year-old sophomore from Ohio. When he was 14, he took a class at a Woodcraft Store. He likes that he “can make his own stuff at a professional quality.” Mason uses a band saw, scroll saw, drill press, lathe, planer, table saw, miter saw—just to name a few—and has learned precision measuring, planning, safety, and various finishing techniques as well as fine carpentry skills. He advises someone who wants to start woodworking to “invest in quality tools.” Mason also practices knife making, sharpening blades, and leather work.

Do you have your own unique hobby? Leave a comment below telling us about it.

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