Make Your Own Fill in the Blank Stories

Your kids will love practicing Language Arts skills with this  awesomely          fun            worksheet!

                                            Adverb              Adjective          Noun

This type of fill-in-the blank story is fun to complete, and the results are often hilarious. They’re also a great way for students to practice using different parts of speech.

Download our free printable, then fill in the blanks before reading the story by asking your child to give you the proper part of speech (noun, verb, etc). Once all the blanks are filled, read your wacky story out loud.

  • Noun – Person, place, or thing (student, school, computer)
  • Adjective – A word that describes something (fun, long, cold)
  • Verb – An action word (run, swim, jump)
  • Adverb – Words that change or simplify a meaning of one of the above. Adverbs usually, but don’t always end in -ly. (Slowly, correctly,  together)

Click the image below to download and print the free PDF.


Be sure to share you creation with us!

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