Kindergarten Reading Activity: Practice Prepositions

Under, over, next to, near, far. All of these are ways to describe orientation, and they are also words called prepositions. Follow the instructions as you are tasked with placing an object in a position related to something on the screen. Once you’ve completed this activity, play the game around the home, asking your student to either place or find objects in relation to other things.

‘Are you near or far from your bedroom?’

‘Put the pencil under the chair.’

‘Stand next to the refrigerator.’

[swf: 750 475]

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This activity can be found in our Kindergarten Reading Course

In this course, students receive structured lessons on readiness skills through emphasis on phonics, language skills, literature, and handwriting to help develop comprehension, build vocabulary, and promote a lifelong interest in reading.

  • Phonics: PhonicsWorks prepares students to become independent readers through systematic, multisensory instruction in phonemic awareness and decoding skills, using a kit of magnetized letter tiles and a variety of games and activities.
  • Literature and Comprehension: Plenty of read-aloud literature kindles the imagination while building comprehension and vocabulary. The emphasis is on classic literature—fairy tales, fables, and folktales—including many works that embody exemplary virtues.
  • Language Skills: Traditional poems, nursery rhymes, and riddles help students develop comprehension, vocabulary, and a love of language. Offline vocabulary instruction is accompanied by online review and practice. All About Me lays the foundations of the writing process as students brainstorm, discuss, illustrate, write, and share ideas with others.
  • Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears provides gentle instruction to help students print letters correctly.

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