10 Fun Educational Crafts for Kids

Experts say that hands-on, active learning is the most effective way to teach students.

The following hands-on educational crafts and activities are not only fun, but they also help children solidify educational concepts and remember them throughout life. Use these fun craft projects to teach children about subjects from math to geography.


Create a working abacus craft

With this simple crafts project you can create a working abacus to teach basic math facts and run math drills. Children will be proud to use their abacus throughout the year.



Mobius strip crafts project

Kids will think this Mobius strip is magic, but it’s not: it’s just math! The Mobius strip has a complicated mathematical formula, but in practice it’s a deceptively simple project that can help spark children’s interest in exploring geometry, algebra, and other math fields.



Pi skyline crafts

The number 3.14159 is used to express pi, the mathematical constant that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Mathematicians have calculated it to trillions of digits. Now your student can visualize some of these digits by transforming them into an artistic skyline.


[divider]Language Arts[/divider]

Water-resist painting for language and science

What better way to learn the alphabet than with this exciting water-resist painting? Children aged three to ten will love the sensory play that goes into making these letters, which also teaches scientific principles.


Button letter snake crafts

Do your students have trouble spelling their names or remembering the order of the letters of the alphabet? With this fun button letter snake, children can practice threading a ribbon snake through felt apples to write out their names or the alphabet (and work on fine motor skills at the same time). As an added bonus, fidgety children will find it easier to concentrate with something in their hands.



Weather crafts project

Ever wonder what makes a cloud rain? Try using this fun craft to illustrate principles such as weather, the states of matter, and the water cycle.



Crystal flower craft to show how crystals grow

Science experiments can provide a fun way to demonstrate abstract scientific concepts. Children will love this crystal flower craft, which uses pipe cleaners and borax to show how crystals grow.




Density can be a difficult concept for young children to grasp. This easy crafts project illustrates the varying density of liquids using household ingredients.




Teach children about geography and how neighborhoods, cities, and countries work with this simple paper plate geography craft. Even young children will grasp the abstract concept of being in multiple places at once with this clear illustration.


 Flags of the world craft project

You can use this simple flag craft as a starting point to teach kids about countries around the world, what their flags look like, and what the designs signify.

Benefits of Active Learning

Active learning benefits students of all ages. Providing hands-on tools, such as educational crafts, is a terrific way to help kids explore the educational concepts they’re studying in school.

These projects are just a handful of ideas of what you can do with your children to bring learning to life and stimulate young minds.

What fun and educational crafts have you had success with for you students? Share them in the comments section.

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