Top 3 Tech Fields Your Child Could Pursue a Career In

When you google top careers in technology, much of what you find is related to data scientists, software engineering, and similar career listings. How do you get your student excited to explore career fields in technology when the job titles often sound dull and unexciting?

Does your student love video games? How much time do they spend on their phone? Would it pique their interest if they knew they could have a career in building mobile apps like the ones they love to spend time on, or create their own video games based on ideas and insights they have from their time playing? What if they knew they did not have to wait until after college to get started on these creative endeavors, and could instead jump headfirst into these potential career paths now?

There are several initiatives available to help students get involved in technology that will set them on different career paths. Enrichment programs are a great way to help students try out various activities to see what they are interested in. Stride, Inc. has several enrichment programs available for all students nationwide who have an interest in technology.

1. Video Game Design

In this 16-week program, students create a final video game, using JavaScript, they can showcase in their portfolio, on their resume or highlight on college and scholarship applications. With a better understanding of computer science and basic programming, students can get a feel for what it would be like to start working in one of the hottest global fields ever by designing their own video game worlds, game play, and interface technologies, which will catch the attention of every college or job recruiter around the world.

2. Virtual Reality and Mobile App Development

The exciting, leading-edge field of Mobile App Development is set to remain one of the hottest career areas for years to come, with an incredible projected growth rate of 19% over the next 10 years. In fact, a Mobile App Developer is already one of the highest paying jobs available with an average salary of $97,000. Students learn to build their own mobile app for Apple or Android devices in this Enrichment Program, starting them off on a well-paid career path, with an incredible projected income growth rate.

Students can build their very own virtual reality world including 360-degree images and animation using HTML and the A-Frame library in this program. They will learn about creating advanced shapes, animation and interaction, and 360-degree images through tutorials, programming exercises, and more. Those new skills will get brought together and applied in a final project of your own VR creation that they will be able to view on the computer, through phones, or through a VR device such as an Oculus.

3. Robotics, Drone Flight and Drone Certification

Students can learn the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the robotics world while gaining skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, computational thinking, and problem-solving, by programming their own virtual robot through a series of gamified missions. This opportunity helps them explore their interest in career opportunities as a Robotics Engineer.

If you student is interested in career opportunities in the military, engineering, reality, or many other areas, they should explore drone flight and getting certified. In these programs, students work with DARTdrones, the nation’s leader in drone training, to learn how to fly a drone, from basic training to aerial mapping and photography, and even becoming an FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot!


Each of these tech fields offers different opportunities for students, and what better way to try out a career field than through an enrichment program in high school? Giving students the opportunity in middle school and high school to explore popular topics like drones, technology, coding and more through programs that ramp up their resume and help them build useful skills is beneficial and cost effective. Why wait until graduation to explore what you want to do when you can take advantage of opportunities available now.

Stride, Inc.  is inviting students nationwide who have an interest in technology to take part in one of their 2022 Enrichment Programs focused on the future for a fraction of the cost.

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