Dancing with the Stars’ Danica McKellar is a Math Whiz

Even if Danica McKellar isn’t your favorite Dancing with the Stars contestant, she just may be the ‘brightest’ star on the show.

McKellar is known for being on the Wonder Years when she was younger, but did you know she also has a series of math videos on Youtube?

Part of the popular Nerdist Youtube channel, the series is called ‘Math Bites.’ Each video tackles complex math concepts like percents, pi, and binary numbers and explains them in simple terms and fun examples. With the help of some famous faces such as Chris Hardwick, Simon Pegg, and Jim O’Heir, the videos are engaging and make learning fun.

[embedvideo id=”68S3vSGvSXU” website=”youtube”]

McKellar is a great role model for any young adult. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in mathematics from UCLA, and is an advocate for STEM and the importance of math. She uses her fame to create educational entertainment, and even starred in an animated film inspired by math.

She has also written a series of books all centered on inspiring young girls to get interested in math. Danica McKellar is still competing on Dancing With the Stars, so be sure to show your support.

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