Announcing the Winners of our Back to School Contest

The What’s your Story? Back to School: A Season for Success winners have been chosen, and three lucky students have received a Microsoft Surface Pro™.

Excited about going back to school, we wanted students and families to share all the benefits that online education has brought to their lives. We asked them to share their stories to help others with the start of a new school year, which can be a time of uncertainty and challenges. We hope these inspiring stories helped new families to  calm their fears and go back to school with excitement.

No doubt, K12 students have accomplished impressive feats and, in some cases, overcome some incredible odds— from surviving bullying or chronic illness to escaping an environment where they weren’t getting the support they needed. Many of our gifted students have finally found the chance to meet their full potential. Others have flourished after falling behind in brick-and-mortar schools where little or no attention was given to their special needs. So, many of our students have touched our hearts with their stories of triumph and success.

Congratulations to our prize winners, and thank you for sharing your stories. All of us at K12 recognize that each student’s success is unique and all of the shared stories reflect just that. We are honored to have a part in shaping future generations.

Here are our Season for Success winners:

Even though the contest is over, you can still read real stories from real students and families, and submit your own story about how K12 and online learning helped change your family’s life!

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