The 6 Best Apps for Back to School

Summer is waning and soon students will head back to the classroom. Shopping for school supplies these days is about more than just pencils and paper. From assistance with studying and staying organized to getting up on time for school, a smartphone can help your student do it all.

Check out these student-centered apps to get the school year off to a great start:


StudyBlue is a crowd-sourced flashcard app perfect for a quick review the night before a test or quiz. The site allows students to search through hundreds of topics (from basics like European capitals to course-specific college topics). The extra study guides plus flash cards and notes make studying much more organized.


MyStudyLife is a to-do list app that aligns assignments and tests with any school schedule—even the rotating ones. Once it is set it up, students can break down long-term assignments into manageable pieces and set reminders for deadlines. MyStudyLife is so much more efficient than any pen-and-paper planner.


Support world-language class work, or pick up a new language on your own, with Duolingo. This addictive app turns learning new words into a game, and it encourages students to use context clues to acquire a language naturally instead of memorizing long vocabulary lists. Duolingo’s award-winning, free app is a great alternative to zoning out on YouTube during free time.


If all of these suggestions for more ways to use a smartphone has you worried about your students’ screen time and the extra distractions they’ll face, install the Freedom app on all of your phones and tablets. This app sets a timer to block the apps known to be the biggest time-wasters during study hall (we’re looking at you, social media). It’s never been easier to hunker down and get that report done.

Google Calendar

Every phone has a calendar app, but the beauty of Google Calendar is that you can color code and share important dates and activities among family members. When everyone receives instant notifications of new events, no one will forget about scheduling rides to violin lessons or tennis matches again. Google Calendar features many benefits for students and families.


If your student is addicted to the snooze button, you’ll both be forever thankful for the creators of the CARROT Alarm. From hilariously snarky advice to random songs and tasks required to turn off the alarm, this app is sure to help them wake up on time—and maybe even smile about it.

With all these great apps now available, the school year is sure to be one of the most successful yet. When students take advantage of a smartphone or tablet to take organization and studying to the next level, straight As are sure to follow.

And if you and your student want to take technology to the next level, consider enrolling in an online school. Learn more to find out if it is right for your family.


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