7 Quick Tips: Scheduling Your School Day

With a new school year, and many parents new to online school or homeschooling, we wanted to highlight these tips that many parents have found helpful.

Setting up an Online School Schedule

  1. Make lists, including a weekly schedule for kids detailing what they need to accomplish.
  2. Families enrolled in virtual schools should be sure to consider Class Connect sessions and teacher meetings when creating a schedule.
  3. Try block scheduling, a type of online school schedule in which students focus on one subject for an extended period of time, completing several lessons in a row. While it’s great for younger students, keep in mind that block scheduling may not be feasible in higher elementary/middle school and high school, as those grades have a more rigid structure.
  4. Establish a start time and allow time for morning routines and breakfast.
  5. Be flexible. If it’s not working, adjust!
  6. Shake things up occasionally. Take a field trip, play educational games, or watch a nature documentary.
  7. Remember that it’s OK to skip! The K12 curriculum has many optional lessons and activities and you’re not expected to complete them all. Choose the ones you think your kids will enjoy, make sure they’ve mastered the objective, and move on.

For more tips and a detailed look at different ways to set up an online school schedule, click here.

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