6 Fun and Festive Cookie Recipes from Around the World

With the holiday season upon us, there are so many wonderful ways to celebrate this joyous time of year. A cookie exchange is a fun way to gather with friends and family and a great opportunity to engage your kids with some baking fun. An interesting twist on a traditional cookie exchange is having the cookies feature different countries. This is a fun way to bake and to learn about different holiday traditions around the world. We have gathered together six cookie recipes from around the world.

Austria – Linzer Cookie

Many countries claim the linzer cookie, but the tradition started in Linz, Austria. These cookies are not only delicious, they are beautiful. Their elegant cut-outs make them a holiday treat to remember. The Linzer cookie may look intimidating, but are not difficult to make with the right tools.

Poland – Pierniczki świąteczne

These cookies are a perfect holiday cookie to make with kids as they are so easy to make. They can be made in less than 30 minutes. You can cut them into different holiday shapes, which is sure to make them a favorite at a holiday cookie exchange.

USA – Gingerbread Cookie

What would a holiday cookie exchange be without the gingerbread cookie? These sweet treats are just as fun to make as they are to decorate. They are the perfect way to involve your kids in cookie-making fun during the holiday season.

UK – Scottish shortbread 

Shortbread cookies are easy to make and taste delicious. These soft, buttery cookies are a classic around the holidays. Since they are so simple to make you can have your kids take the lead in creating these cookies.

Jordan – Ghraybeh

Ghraybeh cookies are Middle Eastern shortbread cookies. Like the UK shortbread, they are easy to make and have that classic buttery texture. The addition of a pistachio gives them a sweet, buttery, salty combination for that perfect bite.

Italy – Pizzelles

Pizzelle cookies require only six ingredients and are truly a holiday classic. You will need a pizzelle maker to get that authentic look. They are the perfect holiday cookie with their snowflake-like looks and will be the star of any cookie exchange. For a fun twist on the traditional pizzelle, you can add chocolate and almond bits.

Taking a trip around the world during the holidays through cookies is such a fun experience. For more holiday ideas, check out Learning Liftoffs holiday articles.

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