Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks ‘Stirring Up Fun with Food’

Sarah Michelle Gellar CookbookCooking is an excellent way for families to enjoy time together and reconnect. Emmy award-winning actress and entrepreneur, Sarah Michelle Gellar was surprised when she discovered the lack of clean baking options on the market. The shortage of cooking options prompted Gellar to begin the adventure of creating a brand that is high quality, accessible, and delicious—enter Foodstirs a culinary lifestyle brand and e-commerce site that’s modernizing baking and bringing families together in the kitchen. Gellar partnered with long-time friends Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman. Foodstirs has taken the start-up industry by storm. Somehow while running a business, being a rockstar mom, and wife Gellar has managed to write a cookbook—Stirring Up Fun with Food.

“I am always looking for activities where we can really engage and get the most of the time we spend together. Cooking is truly a life skill that includes math, science, language, fine and gross motor skills, not to mention the importance of understanding ingredients and their relationship to our planet,” says Gellar. Sarah’s family is a group of culinary masterminds—husband Freddie Prinze Jr. has also written a cookbook, and the couple’s two children are active cooks in the kitchen. The Prinze family uses cooking as a way to bond and stay connected. Creating a meal together serves as a great gateway to incorporate creativity and build other fundamentals.

Stirring Up Fun with Food organizes recipes by months to coincide with holidays and other celebrations. The organizational structure will help parents navigate through the cookbook and provide a resourceful methodology to keep track of what celebrations occur each month. “I have to say, I take great pride in our Star Wars and Shark Week chapters. That’s really an insight into my brain and how I love combining all my interests—creativity, crafting, movies, etc. My kids are currently obsessed with the cupcake muffins, the green bean fries, and the crispy asparagus fries,” says Gellar. When compiling recipes and ideas for the book, Gellar mentions that narrowing down the ideas was the biggest obstacle her and co-author Gia Russo faced while creating the cookbook.

“The ideas can generate from anywhere and anyone. Sometimes it is influenced by the holiday or season. We also like to talk it out with our kids and see what they would like to do or what they are interested in. We set aside work days to test as we need to lock in our ideas early and have time to source everything and manufacture it,” says Gellar. “I will say it’s a very fluid process. We have inspiration boards to start, then from there we test and change, and improve until we are happy. Then we send it to friends and family to test and keep improving until the last minute.”

Stirring Up Fun with Food may bring the entire family together. The cookbook includes more than 115 simple and delicious ways to be creative in the kitchen. Gellar brings cooking to a different level with her food-crafting ideas that will have your children asking for more delicious eats and time together.

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