Healthy Snack of the Week: Make Veggies Fun with a Smoothie Bowl

This week, we’re spinning smoothies a different way.

When made with low-calorie ingredients, smoothies provide an excellent breakfast or snack option for fresh and healthy eating. Pack a blender with colorful berries, low fat yogurt, and almond milk and in seconds you have a healthy snack to take on the go.

But in addition to the delicious fruits which can be included, smoothies are a great and easy way to get children to eat their veggies. Masked beneath the blended taste, kids will enjoy a snack loaded with the vitamins, nutrients—including potassium and folic acid—and dietary fiber that vegetables have to offer.

Smoothie bowls provide a further twist on the smoothie option.

Drinking a snack can leave one feeling unsatisfied, like there’s something missing. Smoothie lovers often want just a little bit more.

That’s where the smoothie bowl comes in. It’s the latest trend in smoothie consumption. The primary difference is that it is made in a bowl and topped with satisfying ingredients that add color and crunch and help put an end to snack-time cravings.

Smoothie bowls are a perfect solution for people who like to sit and eat (instead of drink) their food to enjoy it. They also bring new variety. There are countless smoothie bowl recipes and nutritious toppings such as flax and chia seeds, nuts, fruit, and granola. With so many options, you won’t be left making the same smoothie bowl over and over. Plus, the colorful ingredients can leave each smoothie bowl looking like a beautiful creation.

Eating well can lead to better classroom performance. With smoothie bowls, the best part is how simple they are to make! Let’s get started! Click on the smoothie bowls below for links to sample recipes.



This Banana Mango Green Smoothie Bowl is packed with juicy fruits to compliment the taste of kale, spinach, and micro-greens.


carrot smoothie bowl

The Carrot Cake Protein Smoothie Bowl provides an even further twist on a typical veggie-based smoothie. Instead of containing leafy greens, this bowl has a carrot base that’s sure to shake things up.


green smoothie bowl

This smoothie bowl contains matcha powder, a crushed form of green tea, which is a great source of nutrients, antioxidants, and caffeine. Sounds like the perfect meal to help start the day!


mint chocolate smoothie bowl

This one’s a bit sweeter. Though this smoothie bowl is packed with kale, avocado, and mint, it also contains raw cocoa powder and coconut. The kids are sure to love it!


Have you tried a smoothie bowl? Do you have ideas you’d like to pass along? To share, please use the comments section below. For previous Snack of the Week suggestions and more articles on healthy eating, visit Learning Liftoff’s food and recipes posts.

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