Healthy Snack of the Week: Building a Better Pizza

Healthy pizza. On the surface, the very concept seems to be an oxymoron.

Virtually everyone loves pizza, but we also know that the dough and the cheese and all those toppings can make this snack time favorite a threat to dietary sanity.

Experts say that it doesn’t have to be that way. So today, Healthy Snack of the Week is committed to building a better pizza.

According to

“There is a common misconception that pizza belongs in the ‘fast food’ category, whereas … pizza prepared in certain ways can actually be considered a ‘health food.’ Pizza in America … can differ drastically in recipe, taste, appearance and, of course, nutritional value. When it comes to pizza there are extremes at both ends of the nutritional spectrum. Unfortunately, many of the most popular pizza chains in the country do not necessarily produce a healthy product. Often filled with grease and covered with gobs of fatty cheese atop sugar-and-salt-loaded-sauce, some of the most popular chains do not make us feel good about what we are ingesting. However, with a conscious effort your health can actually benefit from eating pizza, all in moderation of course.”

Did we just use “pizza” and “health food” in the same paragraph? Well, as notes, whole wheat flour provides complex carbohydrates and fiber. Tomatoes and red peppers are loaded with Vitamin C and serve as antioxidants. Cheese does contain calcium, good for healthy bones. And few will quibble with fresh vegetables, especially if they’re home-grown and pesticide-free.



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