Your Complete Guide to Stop Bullying

We’ve compiled powerful stories and launched an exciting campaign in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, during which participants such as those pictured above are giving High Fives for Bully-Free Lives. Please read and share the following collection of informative articles with your family and friends and sign the pledge. Let’s work together to stop bullying and give all children a life free of the harm and hurt it causes.

Six Ways to Prevent Bullying Behavior

As is the case with many problems, there are things we can do to solve or prevent bullying behavior.

kids playing together

Tips to Address and Stop Bullying

The story of a student who lost all interest in school as a result of bullying. Now, that student is flourishing.


Finding a Solution to Schoolyard Bullying

Freedom from bullying was just one of the many benefits this student experienced with online learning.


5 Tips to Stop Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is common among high school students. Parents can help their kids avoid becoming victims.


The Link Between Karate and Bullying Prevention

Self-defense skills can give bullies a positive outlet for their excess energy or anger.

kids learning karate

Online Learning: A Bullying Refuge

Many students and parents have turned to online learning as a refuge from the bullying.


High Fives for Bully-Free Lives

We’re using the high five as a symbol of kindness and celebration.

Sign the pledge and commit to give High Fives for Bully-Free Lives!


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