Prevent Bullying: Unite for What’s Right (#ZeroBullying)

While 28 percent of U.S. students have experienced bullying, it’s the majority of kids—70.6 percent—who say they have witnessed bullying in their schools, according to stats from That means that nearly all kids can play a part in changing that 28 percent to zero.

Unlike teasing or sarcastic joking, bullying can significantly affect a child and leave emotional scars, as well as physical injury. Kids who are bullied may suffer depression, low self-esteem, health issues, and poor grades.

Bullying is such a serious issue that the month of October has been designated as National Bullying Prevention Month, when organizations and schools typically rally to bring awareness around this important issue.

This year, K12 offers you and your kids the chance to get involved in National Bullying Prevention Month by joining its Zero Bullying Campaign. It’s simple for your family to Unite for What’s Right and show you stand for zero bullying.

Here’s How You Can Participate:

1- Take a photo, make a short video, or draw a picture showing that you stand for zero bullying. Feel free to get creative with your zero bullying photos. Create a zero in any way you want—you can use food, build it with LEGO blocks, hold something in the shape of a zero, or anything else that works for you. Or simply write your suggestions on how schools and communities can prevent bullying.

2- Share your photo, drawing, video, or suggestions on K12’s Facebook page or on any of your own other social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc.) using the hashtag #ZeroBullying.

Here’s Why You’ll Want to Participate:

1- By showing your support for bullying prevention, you will bring awareness to the problem and be part of the solution. You will be adding your voice to others as we all unite to do what’s right!

2- The first 100 participants who share the hashtag #ZeroBullying with a photo, drawing, or suggestion on K12’s Facebook or another social media channel will get the stylish K12 Zero Bullying, Unite for What’s Right t-shirt!

3- Your post will appear on Learning Liftoff so all will see your creative stand against bullying! Visit often to see what others have posted. More photo ideas from K12 staffers are below.

Unite for What’s Right with K12 in support of bullying prevention! Share #ZeroBullying today!

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