How to Throw a Perfectly Spooky Halloween Party for Kids and Adults

Halloween is quickly approaching and a super fun option to celebrate is throwing a perfectly SPOOKY party for kids and adults! We’ve laid out the perfect party planning playbook (say that three times fast) from décor, food, activities, and even last-minute DIY costumes. So, follow along, and you’ll be sure to throw the perfect Halloween Bash!


While Décor is important for any party, Halloween offers almost endless design options that will heighten your guest’s experience. Traditional decorations, such as a black-and-orange color scheme, spider webs, ghosts, or bats, are always favorites. For those on a budget, check out these creative and spooky ideas that start at a dollar. There are many other fun and creative themes that could set the trend for the whole party. Evite came up with some fun tv-streaming themes such as Bridgerton and Ted Lasso, complete with costumes and game ideas.



Halloween themed food is not only delicious but will also help complete your décor. For an appetizer, creating a Halloween themed fruit tray is a cute and quick idea. Kids and adults will love the look, and it’s a great way to sneak some healthy options into a sugar-filled holiday! Fun and easy options for the main courses could include mummy dogs or jack-o-lantern quesadillas. Another fun take on mummy-themed food is mummy French bread pizzas – easy to make and sure to be a crowd pleaser. Finally, for dessert you can keep it simple and festive with Ghost in the Graveyard pudding cups. They SCREAM Halloween and are super simple to make!



Having a few fun activities can help keep a party fresh. Kids and adults both love a good scavenger hunt. Pick a few small Halloween themed items and create a list for people to find or you can find a free one here. People’s thoughts on candy corn really varies, but one thing that people can agree on is that throwing them into mini pumpkins with prizes can be fun. Check out this cute candy corn toss game! For something more of a brainteaser, fill a jar of candy corn and have people guess the number.


DIY Costumes

Finally, no Halloween party is complete without some awesome costumes. If you were too busy running around to grab something store-bought, here are few easy last minute do-it-yourself ideas. Have black pants, a white-and-black striped shirt, a black hat, and a pillowcase, and have all the makings of a great bandits costume. For a family costume idea, raid your house for animal masks, if you find some grab some of your fanciest clothes and you can be the party animal family! For even more DIY ideas that have an educational twist, check these out!

We hope whatever you do this Halloween you have a fun and safe time! If you throw a perfectly spooky bash, let us know in the comments!

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