Meet 12-Year-Old Brick Loot CEO Parker Krex

At nine-years-old most children are preoccupied with a number of distractions and interests. Being a grown up and having a job is the furthest thought from their minds—unless you’re Parker Krex. Parker, now 12-years-old is the CEO behind Brick Loot.

Brick Loot is a subscription box company for LEGO and Brick fans. Each month, subscribers receive a box filled with unique items that can be used with LEGO bricks. The items are chosen by “Brick specialists” who stay current on the newest and latest products.

“My mom and I were working our yearly garage sale together and that’s when I thought of the idea,” says Parker. “Since we had a lot of time that weekend to kill in the garage we came up with the name, made sure it was available on Go Daddy and started to write the business plan to see how the company would work and what everything would look like. The name I came up with seemed pretty obvious at the time. The box was all about bricks and awesome loot, so Brick Loot seemed perfect.”

Parker and his mother Erin packing up a Brick Loot box

Parker works with his parents to run Brick Loot. Parker’s mother, Erin Krex, said the family worked together to plan what the first six months might look like. They began planning in July 2014 and launched in October 2014 with their first box shipping in December 2014 for the holidays. “The biggest obstacle of starting this company versus any of our other companies is it is very inventory-driven. A lot of space and money was needed to create a working warehouse and workspace. We are still working on best practices and a good inventory management system, but we were able to work together to make the most of the space we have,” says Erin.

You may be wondering what a typical day is like for a seventh grade CEO? Parker attends school at Field Middle School during the week. After school, he goes to the office and completes his homework. After he’s done with that, he switches gears and completes his work for Brick Loot. “My main job is to come up with new ideas for products, research who we should partner with, and make sure we are including the best possible products for brick-lovers. Right now I love everything about being the CEO. This might change in the future, but for now, I love what I am doing and am excited to think of new ideas to expand the business,” says Parker. “Instead of playing sports after school, I go to work. I was never into sports, so going to work and playing with LEGO is the best of both worlds.”

Parker Krex with his Brick Loot shipments

Brick Loot is expanding to six more countries by the end of 2016. In 2017, the company is hoping to ship worldwide. The whole team is always looking for hot new brick products to partner with and possible investors who would be interested in taking Brick Loot to the next level.

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