3 Steps to Get Kids Excited for Camping

Summer is in full swing with all its hot and muggy glory, so what better time to sleep in an insulated, polyester bag outside?! In all seriousness, camping is a terrific summer experience and the nights do get cooler. There are many scientific reasons that prove being close to nature is good for you, but do you really need them? Can’t you just feel it? Going on a hike, fishing at the lake, swimming in the ocean, sounds so much better than sitting on the couch.

Let’s get your kids excited for camping

1) Pick the Right Spot

If you have a dog or a cat, find a site that allows pets to make sure the whole family can attend. If your kids are happy entertaining themselves, you can find a park that does not have many amenities. They can hike, collect bugs, look for birds, and later sit by the campfire. I’m not that resourceful, so I would look for a campsite that may have some things to do in the area. You may be able to find a site close to an American landmark which would make for a great vacation. Attractions such as caves, lakes, and horseback riding are all often located close to camping sites.

I remember one of my family camping trips featured a nearby paintball field. My grandma played with us. We didn’t show her any mercy.

2) Have Activities Planned

People think that camping is sitting around a fire. And that is part of it. There’s a certain magic to roasting marshmallows and telling stories around the campfire. However you are going to have plenty of time to do that so plan out some activities as well. If there is a river close by, bring fishing poles, don’t forget hiking boots, especially if there are mountains to climb, bring binoculars for bird watching, or containers to collect frogs or bugs.

Another activity that may fit with your camping location is Geocaching. This apparently has been around for years, but I just discovered it. It is a worldwide treasure hunt, where individuals hide objects, mark them on a map, and encourage people to find them. Once found you usually sign a log or leave something in the box. Kids can create their own caches, then come back next year to see how many people were able to find it.

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3) Compromise on the Electronics

Your kids may not be all in on the outdoor thing and may need modern conveniences. It’s the 21st century, it’s logical to want to have a light source other than the sun or a fire. You could even rent an RV, allowing you access to any electronics at any point, plus it’s much more comfortable. Or you could get your kids a cool solar powered charger so they can at least charge their phones to keep in touch with friends. Plus they can share their awesome pictures from the trip.

Hopefully this post gave you some ideas on how to get outside. I’m not as much of an outdoors-person as I’d like to be, but still love camping. If you have any suggestions on things to make camping that much better, please share them in the comments.

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