Student Success Stories: Online Learning Allows Better Focus

Online learning, sometimes referred to as homeschool, has led to student success for thousands of families. This series, Student Success Stories, features highlights from What’s your Story?, a site that’s home to real stories from real students about how their lives have changed because of individualized, online education through K12 programs.

Michael began his online learning experience with K12’s Texas Virtual Academy. He had dealt with bullies in brick and mortar schools, avoiding fights and just letting their words go in one ear and out the other, but knew he needed a change. Online learning allows him to create his own student success by focusing on his education and personal growth rather than be surrounded by negativity in a regular school setting.

The main reason he started online learning was ‘to try new things,’ and ‘enjoy life with [his] family instead of having to listen to drama.’ He overcame tough odds, and made the grade to achieve his student success.

Read more about Michael‘s online learning experience and his student success at What’s Your Story, our online story teller. Be sure to share your online learning success story, and inspire others.

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