Singer Thanks Online School for Allowing Her to Pursue Her Passion

This singer has released a single that she co-wrote and is now working on an EP. She sang the national anthem at an NBA game in front of 18,000 people. She’s planning to go to L.A. to start up a TV career.

It may sound like she’s at least in her teens, but this professional singer is only nine years-old.

Gabby North attends K12 partner school Texas Virtual Academy, (TXVA) which gives her the flexibility to schedule her schoolwork around her singing activities. If she has a performance scheduled, she can do her studies in the evening or the morning—and even while she’s on the road.

A bright and ambitious girl, she found herself wanting a bigger challenge in her brick-and-mortar school. While her teachers gave her more work to do, she wasn’t able to tackle more advanced curriculum, as the teacher had to make sure the rest of the students stayed on track.

Switching to TXVA has allowed Gabby to work on curriculum that’s a grade above her, which will likely allow her to graduate early. But the biggest reason she switched schools was to accommodate her busy singing schedule—which often requires 40 hours of practice and performing a week. She’s now able to follow her dream and stay on top of schoolwork.

Gabby’s mother, Johnnie, said Gabby started singing at age three and then began performing in her church. During one public performance, she was approached to start singing with other professional singers. From there, things took off for her—and she even had the honor of singing at a private event for a congresswoman.

Gabby’s schedule also allows her to volunteer at events like toy drives and perform while she gives back. In fact, she received an award from Senator Al Green’s office for outstanding achievement in the community.

Her first song, Imagination, is available on iTunes and has been very well-received. The message of the song is to imagine your future and be whatever you want to be. Her lyrics say:

“I close my eyes and I see the future, I see the love surrounding me. I could be a doctor, maybe a lawyer, an entertainer, it’s up to me…I’m going to turn imagination to reality.”

The next stop on her singing journey is going to Los Angeles to try to start a TV career. College may also be in her future—but it depends on where her singing career takes her. Just like her song says, she can be anything she wants to be.

Gabby is truly a success story showing how online education can help students pursue their passions while also excelling in school.

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