Make Learning Fun: The 10 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

When I set out to find ten of the most interesting YouTube channels for kids, I went straight to the source: my friends’ kids. They excitedly listed off topics they love learning about—megalodons, black holes, snakes, Yoga, construction vehicles, dogs, and art to name a few. And while this is quite an eclectic list, there are YouTube channels dedicated to teaching kids about topics just like these with engaging storytellers and vibrant images. So, if your child wants to learn about spiders deep in the jungle, there is certainly a YouTube channel that will make you feel like you’re right there and in on the action—skin crawling and all.

Earning the stamp of approval from my 7-year-old son and ranging in topics from science and math to art and exercise, here are ten of the best educational YouTube channels for kids:

Wild Kratts

Join the Kratt Brothers on hilarious and exciting journeys to meet fascinating animals all over the world. Your kid will explore science concepts that are key to animals’ lives, such as the physics of suction when an elephant brings water into its trunk or the force of gravity and how it allows Peregrine falcons to zip through the air. Chock-full of mystery, adventure, and comedy, Wild Kratts is a show the whole family can enjoy—and parents agree!

Smithsonian Channel

With engaging content for all ages, the Smithsonian Channel features vivid stories, documentaries, and entertainment centering on history, science, nature, air and space, and pop culture. Choose from short, educational clips to full-length episodes on whatever topic piques your child’s interest! My family chose a video about hedgehogs and how they will travel far at night for a tasty meal consisting of grubs.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Set in a variety of magical and imaginative worlds, your child can move their body and practice Yoga while learning about the importance of exercise, mindfulness, and relaxation. Whether your child chooses a Minecraft world, a fairy tale land, a farm, outer space, or another far-off destination, you and your child will learn to have fun while staying active.


This 3D animated series created by Snoop Dogg is set in a bright world where a colorful and diverse cast of dogs sing, rap, and dance to songs that promote learning, cognitive development, and social-emotional skills. Through music, your child will learn about topics such as letter and number recognition, sharing, colors, the importance of accepting others, diversity, and practicing good habits.

Teaching with music comes with a long list of benefits, such as improving reading, reducing anxiety, and boosting positivity, which is why schools like those powered by K12 have implemented Doggyland videos into their classes.

National Geographic Kids

A universal crowd-pleaser, National Geographic Kids features a variety of playlists on topics like underwater creatures, space, bugs, weird but true facts, animals on different continents, and dinosaurs. You can even learn some bug-related jokes through their series “Just Joking—LOL,” like this one:

Q: Why wouldn’t they let the butterfly into the dance?

A: Because it was a moth ball.

Art For Kids Hub

Every child has the potential for creative brilliance, and this channel is perfect for your little artist to practice all sorts of art! Through guided lessons, your child will learn to draw and paint characters, animals, scenery, and more. And if you’ve heard about folded surprise drawings from your kid—a drawing that unfolds to reveal an expanded version of their masterpiece—you can learn how to create this type of art at the Art for Kids Hub.


As a mom to a son who loves vehicles, Blippi is a personal favorite of mine. Blippi takes you on adventures at places like children’s museums, fire departments, playgrounds, bakeries, and zoos. You learn about construction equipment, first responder vehicles, animals, the natural world, jobs, and so much more.

His excitement and friendly demeanor are contagious, and through song, dance, play, and exploration, you and Blippi will learn more about the world around you. “The Excavator Song” will always hold a special place in my heart—for the number of times my son and I sang this together and for helping me learn about something my son thought was so cool.


NOVA is the most-watched primetime science television series, with an average of five million viewers each week. These awe-inspiring videos are better suited for older kids but will fuel their interest in science and the world around them through interesting topics like what’s inside of black holes, the ancient world, mammals versus dinosaurs, space missions, and more.

Kids Learning Tube

Through original music and animation, kids of all ages can learn about the solar system, the human body, geography, nature, animals, and more. From videos about how the human heart pumps to calculating the volume of Jupiter, your child can delve deep into science and the world around them through fun, engaging videos.

Wonder Grove Kids

Used by many schools like those powered by K12, Wonder Grove will take your child on fun adventures while preparing them for daily challenges they may face inside and outside of school. Their relatable and loveable characters teach children how to handle bullying and unkind behavior, daily hygienic routines like brushing your teeth, staying safe in the car by buckling up, and being respectful to others. Wonder Grove also teaches about the holidays we celebrate along with the importance of Black History Month and Women’s History Month.

While I could keep adding to this list, these ten educational YouTube channels have plenty of exciting content to get started with. Even as adults, learning about the world around us can be fascinating and fun, so join in on the joy of learning with your kid! Plus, being excited about topics that are interesting to them will only encourage them to keep being curious and asking questions.

To learn more about K12-powered schools and how they use engaging, interactive content and videos like those created by Wonder Grove Media and Doggyland, go to

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