Get your plans organized with our new daily and monthly planners

Plan for Success!

We’ve redesigned our daily and monthly planners to help you and your student create a plan for success. Planning helps children feel more confident and secure because their activities are predictable and familiar. It also helps them build time management skills and gives them a sense of control over their future. Structured schedules and consistent routines also help parents feel more organized and less stressed.

Our daily and monthly planners can help you keep track of all your child’s activities. You can download the planners and complete them online or print them (use the grayscale setting to save ink) and have your child fill them out using colorful pens.

Monthly Planner

At the beginning of each month, work with your child to create a schedule of weekly activities. Include Class Connects and help sessions, club meetings, sports practices, and other events. Use a different color for each subject and activity so your child can follow the schedule easily. Help your child look ahead to all assignments and record the due dates for upcoming projects.

Print the schedule and post it near your student’s workstation so they can quickly see their scheduled classes and activities.

Daily Planner

Have your student start each day by completing the daily planner. First, set specific daily goals, like how many pages of a book report to write or how many math questions to complete.

Next, fill in the Class Connects and other events scheduled for the day. Then, plan blocks of time to study. Some students like to tackle their most demanding subject first, while others prefer to get their easier subjects out of the way so they can focus on the more challenging material. Whatever works best for your student is the right way!

Be sure to schedule time for meals, brain breaks, chores, and physical and social activities. You may want to schedule TV and gaming time to help your child avoid spending unproductive hours in front of a screen instead of working on assignments.

Leave some free time for flexibility. Remember, you can’t predict all the unexpected events that can and will happen.

Use the daily schedule to mark a cut-off time for schoolwork each night and a set bedtime. As they finish their schoolwork, have your child assess how the day went. What have they accomplished? How are they feeling? What are their priorities for tomorrow?

Feeling the satisfaction of their accomplishments and having a plan for the next day can help reduce stress. Following this routine will help make sure your child has time to unwind at the end of each day and get the sleep they need.


Download your daily and monthly planners here.

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