6 Things Kids Don’t Want on Halloween

Halloween is coming and, whether you prefer tricks or treats, chocolate will always be a top contender in October. According to Cash Net USA, 72 percent of candy purchased at Halloween is chocolate. Chocolate, gummy candies, and lollipops are all kid-favorite choices. So what should you make sure to avoid giving out on Halloween? Read on for the six things no kid wants to find in their candy bucket when inventorying their trick-or-treating bounty.


Halloween is all about candy (and history) but regardless of the holiday’s origins, kids do not want to think of the repercussions of their sugary indulgences. They don’t care about preventing cavities (I mean, those baby teeth are just going to fall out anyway) so don’t remind them of the tedious task they need to perform twice a day for the rest of their lives.


What’s worse than brushing your teeth? Flossing. See above.


I love to write, take notes, and makes lists but what am I thinking about on Halloween? Candy. And how many people really use pencils? Even when I am writing longhand, I use a pen (but don’t give out pens on Halloween either).

Loose Candy/Anything Homemade

Safety first! My parents always checked my Halloween candy before letting me dig in, and unwrapped candy went straight to the garbage. Even if you make the most delicious homemade morsels, don’t pass them out on Halloween. Anything that was not obviously store bought and in the original wrapper will be discarded when the kids get home.


Apples, oranges, bananas—we’re often told to fill our plates with the colors of the rainbow, but you know what else is colorful? Starbursts, Skittles, and Runts. Of course, we should be ensuring that our kids have well-rounded diets, but chances are if you give out fruit on Halloween it will go to waste.


What’s worse than being gifted fruit on Halloween? Being gifted old, wrinkly fruit.

Keep it simple. Kids. Want. Candy. Glorious, sugary, candy. Just make sure to avoid number four on the list above and your treats are sure to be enjoyed and appreciated.

This post is meant to take the child’s perspective into account as we always encourage parents to ensure that their children have a well-rounded diet. For households that prefer to pass out sugar-free goodies, there are still plenty of  non-candy alternatives. We simply encourage keeping it fun and theme-appropriate!

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