Halloween Bookmark Printables Your Kids Will Love

With Halloween coming up, we thought these festive bookmarks would be much appreciated by your kids—perhaps adults can join in on the coloring fun and use the bookmarks for themselves, too! These bookmark printables are double the fun. Your kids will love coloring their bookmarks, and it will also inspire them to pick up a book and read!

Did you know that October is National Reading Group Month? Reading groups bring people together and help to grow and promote the love of literature. Gather your family together and have a night of reading one of the group’s favorite books. After the reading session, everyone can talk about questions they may have or predict what’s going to happen next.

If you’re having a Halloween party, consider printing out these bookmarks for your guests. Set up a creative center where guests can use colored pencils and/or markers to personalize their creations. If you have a laminating machine, you can preserve these works of art longer. These printables could also be great treat bag additions or a fun activity for teachers to give students during free time.

halloweenbookmarks_1 halloweenbookmarks_2

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