5 Fall Activities for Kids this Weekend

From painting pumpkins to the turning leaves, we are loving autumn. So today, we’re sharing even more of Learning Liftoff’s editors’ picks for the top snacks, crafts, and other fun activities to pumpkin-spice up your weekend.

Apple Pie Bread apple pie bread in a pan and on a plate with butter

From bananas to zucchini, there are all kind of bread that you can make this season. We tried apple pie bread, and goodness was it delicious! Enjoy!

Door Hanger

pine cone door hanger

Welcome your family and friends to your home this autumn with a great homemade fall door hanger craft. Take a nature walk to find some pine cones, paint them with festive fall colors, hot glue them to some ribbon, and voila!

Volcanic Pumpkins

pumpkins erupting green and cotton candy colors

Exploding pumpkins are a fabulous fall activity for kids that involves sensory play. You’ll need a few pumpkins, baking soda, food coloring, dish soap and vinegar. Once the pumpkins are carved by an adult, place them on a tray. Add a few spoonfuls of baking soda with dish soap and food coloring into the pumpkin and mix well. When you’re ready, add about 1/4 cup of vinegar (depending on the size of your pumpkin), and watch the explosion! You can repeat over and over again by adding more ingredients.

NOTE: You can also make this into a two-part experiment by creating a pumpkin investigation station with the different parts and pieces of the pumpkin.

Popsicle Scarecrow

scarecrow made out of Popsicle sticks, paint, and paper

To make a Popsicle stick scarecrow, glue multiple sticks placed vertically under one horizontal stick. Make sure the horizontal stick is slanted so it resembles a hat. Paint the scarecrow with any colors you’d like. Once the paint is dry, glue paper right below the hat and add any accessories you want. Finally glue on the eyes and a construction paper nose, then draw on his mouth. How cute!

Apple Cider

mug with apple cider and whipped cream

Wash down your apple pie bread or any other fall snack with some delicious caramel apple cider. Mmmm!

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Image Credit Summer / CC by 2.0

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