Aspiring Olympians Find Success in Online School

Since the age of 7, David Enfinger has participated in as many as 25 competitions a year, often winning or placing in the top 10. And he’s joined the list of many who were once aspiring Olympians who have found success through homeschool or attending school online.

David didn’t always achieve the same success in the classroom as he did in the pool. David couldn’t get the attention he needed in his traditional school, causing him to fall behind in reading and end up daydreaming and bored in class. What’s more, his father’s need to regularly relocate for jobs meant changing schools often.

Those issues have been solved now that David and his two siblings are part of the online school, Virginia Virtual Academy (VAVA). Now, they enjoy more flexible schedules that allow easier participation in extracurricular activities such as swimming. David is able to practice two to three times a week at a time in the day that’s best for him and do homework on the weekends if he needs to. His mother, Christina, said she’s impressed by the challenging curriculum.

The change in schools and commitment to swim practice have paid off for David. He recently competed in the Junior Olympics qualifiers in backstroke and was one of the youngest competitors. While he didn’t qualify to go onto the next round, he beat his best time by three seconds and placed second in his heat. His time also qualified him for an official USA Swimming “A” ranking. Clearly, he’s well on his way to joining his peers.

Image courtesy of the Enfinger family.

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