Be First Day of School Ready!

Be first day of school ready!If you’re a new K¹² family (Welcome!) or a returning family (Welcome back!), we know that you need support even when school is not in session. We have rounded up some information about the many ways you and your family can gear up and get ready for the 20122013 school year.

First, have you visited our Facebook page yet? We have a team working round the clock making sure we monitor and try to answer every question posted on our page. And this year, most of our schools have their own Facebook pages! Use the Explore our Schools’ option on the K¹² Facebook page to find your school.

Secondly, K¹² Start, our 2012 School Year Guide website, is back this year.

K¹² Start, available via your OLS, goes over all the information most parents need to know so they are first day of school ready. You will find key information like school calendars, school policies and information about local school events. Parent support session schedules, short video tutorials and our popular online summer camp schedules are also readily available.

Our popular online summer camp program begins June 18th and runs through August 6th. Each camp runs for one week and meets for one hour daily. There is something for everyone, in all grade levels, and your kids will make new friends and have fun exploring interesting topics! Last summer, over 4000 K¹² students attended one or more of the 42 summer camps offered. Visit K¹² Start to see what camps we are offering this year and all links to club meetings will be available via your OLS.*

The 2012 School Year Guide websites also include links to the Parent Orientation series starting on Monday, July 9, 2012. These live, online sessions will give you information and advice about getting started, setting up your schooling space, managing your time, and learning how you and your children can get the most out of your online school. We’ll also have lots of programming for returning parents as well, so you can be ready to rock and roll come fall.

Lastly, just because school’s out doesn’t mean you can’t connect with us and the K¹² community as we gear up for 20122013 school year!  Visit any one of the following to find us!

  • Twitter:  Follow K12Learn! We share news, trends, and education related information.
  • Google+: Google+ aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life. Check out Circles, Messenger and Hangouts, and more!
  • Foursquare:  Members note their locations with a mobile phone and can find out where friends are, get/give tips on locations, and share pictures! Visit places all over the country and you may just see one of our K¹² Tips pop up.
  • Pinterest: A content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard’. (Virtual corkboard)  We have boards filled with lunch ideas, activities, infographics and more!
  • YouTube: Watch K12 videos about online education, our schools and hear stories about how it has helped students around the world thrive.

Experienced parents know that the back to school season will be here before you know it! Make sure you set aside some time during the summer to take advantage of the support and resources available so your family will indeed be first day of school ready.

(*Because this info is for our current families, specific links to many of these resources and activities can only be found in your OLS announcements once you have logged in to your OLS.)

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