Class Acts of 2014: Teen Mom Graduates with Straight As

This series, Class Acts of 2014, features inspiring online education graduates with promising futures and showcases how individualized, award-winning curriculum and technology enabled these students’ success.

Adriana became a teen mom in 10th grade, and dropped out of school in order to put her family first. She attempted to go back multiple times, but a second child meant more daycare expenses that her family could not incur, and the GED program was not the right fit for her. The odds were not in her favor.

At age 22, Adriana was still determined to make a better life for herself and her family, and looked for another alternative. She needed something free, and flexible enough that she would be able to care for her children during the day. She found what she was looking for in K12’s Insight School of Kansas.

“Going back to school was tough,” she admits, “but I asked a lot of questions, and the teachers were there all the time, and were always understanding.” Adriana was able to watch her children during the day, and stayed up late to do her schoolwork. In the long run, it was all worth it.

Now, at age 24, Adriana is no longer another teen mom statistic. She’s not a typical graduate either. She is a 2014 graduate who received all As through her entire educational career with the Insight School of Kansas. She will finish out the summer with her children, teaching them the importance of education at the early ages of 3 and 7, and sees bright futures ahead of them. When they return to school in the fall, she will start looking for a job, and based on her drive and determination, the possibilities are endless for Adriana.

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