Quiz: What Will Your Child Grow Up to Be?

It’s something many parents begin to wonder about from the moment their children are born—what will they be when they grow up. As children mature and take on their own interests and unique personalities, some clues may emerge as to what career paths they may eventually choose as adults. So while their future is still an open book, why not take this fun quiz and see what career is predicted for your child. Then share the results with your friends to see if they agree!

[schedule on=’2016-10-17′ at=”03:01″ expon=’2016-10-31′ expat=”23:55″]Once you have your child’s predicted career, be sure to enter K12’s “When I Grow Up” Art Contest. Just ask your child to illustrate the specific career and enter it online for a chance to win a canvas of the artwork and other prizes!  [/schedule]

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