Going for the Gold – Olympics Quiz

Find out how much you really know about the Olympics with our Learning Liftoff quiz. You and your family may be surprised at the history behind the games!

[toggler title=”Click to read the answers below, but take the quiz first to see how you did!” ](1.) What do the five Olympic rings represent? A: The five continents participating. (2.) Where are the Olympic Games being held this year? A: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (3.) How many Olympic gold medals has the USA won prior to the start of the 2016 summer games (summer and winter games combined? A: 2,681 (4.) Where were the first modern Olympic Games held? A: Athens, Greece (5.) True or False? The Olympic Torch symbolizes the gift of fire from Greek Mythology. A: True (6.) How many events are in the 2016 Summer Olympics? A: 306   (7.) Prior to the 2016 Summer Games, which country has the most Olympic medals? A: USA  (8.) Which U.S. athlete has the most Olympic gold medals? A: Michael Phelps (9.) In what year did the U.S. begin participating in the Olympic Games? A: 1896 (10.) How often are the Summer Olympics held? A: Every four years[/toggler]

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