Announcing the 2017 Music Showcase Winners

This year’s Music Showcase revealed a number of talented young musicians! We received many impressive performances from students in grades K–12.

View our online collection of participants and see the fantastic submissions we received this year.

If you submitted an entry for your student, you should have received a participant certificate. If you missed it, you can download your certificate of participation, print it, personalize it by filling in your musician’s name, and pin it somewhere in your home to encourage their musical talent.

The winners have been chosen, and we would like to congratulate the following students:

Best in Show Adam E., CAVA @ San Diego, “A New Day”
Kindergarten Brielle M., ORVA, Brielle’s first music contest
1st Grade Keira K., AZVA, “Party In The U.S.A.”
2nd Grade Val H., ALVA, “Little Did You Know” performed by Val
3rd Grade Deacon S., K12 Independent Courses, Expert Beat Boxer
4th Grade Simone S., TNVA, Alone
5th Grade Douglas F., GCA, “Pop Goes the Weasel
6th Grade Samarah S., GCA, Music For The Hearing Impaired
7th Grade Alec S., OHVA, “Riptide”
8th Grade Parker Z., CPA, I Love My Piano!
9th Grade Annelise H., UTVA, Chanson de Mai
10th Grade Jaden B., SCVCS, “All I Ask”
11th Grade Blake E., CAVA @ Los Angeles, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me”
12th Grade Gabrielle M., AZVA “Vanilla Ice Cream”

We thank all of our winners and participants for celebrating music with us this year. We look forward to what 2018’s contest will bring.

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